Scottish Text – Answering the Final Question

Good morning.

Yesterday, we looked at the format of the final 10-mark question in the Scottish Text element of the Critical Reading paper and produced a model that allows you to take a consistent approach to achieving the 10 marks regardless of the question. I have attached a copy of the powerpoints we used in both classes. They have been modified slightly to suit the Scottish Text you are studying (The Slab Boys or Carol Ann Duffy poetry). The questions used are from the new Higher specimen paper released by the SQA.

the slab boys TA final 10 marker

Mr Miller


Assessment Date: N6 Listening

Good morning.

Just a quick heads up about your first N6 internal assessment date.

You will sit an N6 Listening test (part of the Analysis and Evaluation unit) on Thursday 11th September during the double period.

The assessment will require you to listen to a clip of someone giving a talk on a specific subject and to respond to a set of questions about the content, structure and style of the talk.


Mr Miller

The Slab Boys – Homework Task

Good afternoon,

You will find the questions from the powerpoint we used in class today below:


1. What is your initial impressions of the characters introduced so far?
2. How is the generation gap between characters portrayed?
3. How does Alan contrast with the slab boys?

4. What themes are emerging in the early part of the text? (give a brief explanation of why)

These questions should be completed for tomorrow and ready for me to check at the start of the period.


Mr Miller

Good Luck…

Morning everyone,

I just want to quickly wish you luck as you wait for your SQA results. Enjoy what you worked for, celebrate your successes and remember that, whether you managed 5 As or didn’t quite get what you were hoping for, it’s just another small step on a much larger journey. Exam results won’t make or break you; what you do with them will.

All the best,

Mr Miller

Folio Reminder: The Clock is Ticking…

Hi guys,

I hope you have had a fantastic holiday. Unfortunately, the good times couldn’t last forever and your freedom is drawing to a close. This is just a gentle reminder that ALL pupils hoping to sit Higher or National 5 next year must submit a personal reflective or imaginative essay first draft on the first day back to the English teacher you had before the summer break.

There will be no exceptions to this rule and no extensions granted unless you have arranged it with me BEFORE the first day back. Failure to submit a piece will be taken into consideration when final levels of presentation are decided in the first week back.

Word Count reminder:

Higher – 1300 words maximum (650 minimum but you should be aiming for at least 1000)

National 5 – 1000 words maximum (500 minimum but you should be aiming for at least 800)

Try and have your essay typed and printed and make sure your name is on it. If you have any questions you can add a comment to this post and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible (make sure your name is on the post).


Mr Miller

Advanced Higher – Understanding Standards

Hi guys.

Following our brief chat today, I have added a link below to the understanding standards website below:

This will give you the opportunity to have a look at examples of dissertations and to get a feel for the kind of themes and texts being used. The recommended reading list on this blog is also a good starting point when it comes to researching potential texts and authors.

On Friday, I will look at the dissertation requirements with you in more detail but you can find the SQA guidance documents and advice at the link below:

Give me a shout on here or come along and see me if you have any questions.

Mr Miller

Good Luck!

Hi guys,

A few of you have popped in this week and even more of you e-mailed me with last minute questions and stresses. I am delighted by the level of commitment you have shown both throughout the year and in the run up to the exam and just want to wish you all the very best of luck for tomorrow. I will be down to speak to you before the exam but remember it is a day for clear heads and staying calm. Get a good night’s sleep tonight and have confidence in the skills and knowledge you have accrued.

Good luck,

Mr Miller